Why Choose Eastbank?

we are specialists in what we do

We thrive on being masters in our field and have created a reputable name for ourselves as leaders in our niche, looking beyond the immediate to continually grow. We know that in order to stay at the top of our game we must excel and capitalise on our strengths, taking advantage of our dynamic and agile structure. It’s a simple but effective strategy that has defined and cemented our place in the industry. Most importantly, our team share a philosophy that is based upon developing impressive properties and delivering consistent returns with a social responsibility.

We see opportunities before others

Eastbank take a proactive, pragmatic approach to business. We lean on our extensive and diverse experience and intuition to give us the edge when it comes to seeking out new opportunities as well as new geographical locations that are itching for development. Understanding our market and the way it behaves is all part of predicting where the next opportunity will appear. We have also worked hard to build trusting relationships with our partners that open doors to us first, with the confidence that we can act fast and deliver upon our promises.

we are not dependent on markets

Eastbank have a proven track record which demonstrates our ability to create profit and yield returns no matter what the market is doing. We are well practiced at handling our assets in turbulent times, with the reassurance that the ebbs and flows of our industry are expected. Our historical accounts will further reassure our clients that we are in fact a safe and stable investment that offers consistent returns.

we are well financed

Whilst we enjoy the benefits of the banks we work with, a great deal of financing also comes directly from our private investors, many of whom we have long standing and ongoing relationships with. Having this flexibility with regards to finance options gives us good scope to explore - and act upon - a variety of business opportunities and enables us to take the best possible negotiating positions. We believe in every proposition we present, ensuring our investors receive nothing less than the high level of service we would be happy to receive ourselves.

our journey is perpetual

Admittedly, we can be our own worst critics as success is important to us. In times when we haven’t quite reached our goals, it has simply urged us to do one thing – be better. Learning the hard way has given us an incredible amount of perspective as well as invaluable knowledge and experience. We are not too proud to objectively appraise, re-evaluate and improve upon our previous shortcomings, which we believe is vital to the continual betterment and progress of our business.

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