Mark Bogard
Chief Executive
The Family Building Society
“Eastbank came to The Family Building Society to help continue to expand what they do. They have been thoroughly professional, sensible and straightforward to deal with in every way. It is absolutely clear that they want the people who occupy their properties to have a really good experience. We have no hesitation in recommending them as great people to invest with.

Indeed we were so impressed that we subsequently entered into a partnership with them, providing them with £10m to invest to return the Building Society to its original roots of directly providing homes.

This they have done with great care and diligence and we hope and expect this investment to show an excellent return on the Society’s capital.”
R Levy
OCK Chartered Surveyors
"Jason Arden and his company, Eastbank Studios Ltd, were introduced to us, through an intermediary, about 20 years ago. We have been carrying out valuations on behalf of their lenders since then. The majority of our involvement centres around the East London suburbs of Leyton, Leytonstone, Walthamstow and so on.

We deal with a lot of developers and landlords and find that the professionalism of Eastbank, both from the point of view of the director, Jason himself, as well as Michelle, Lisa and others, to be highly efficient and professional.

For example, there is never an issue with access. The keys always fit and the agents from whom we often have to collect keys, are always cooperative and forthcoming with keys, comparables and general assistance. This is a reflection of how they feel about the client.

The sequence of events surrounding an Eastbank job usually involves an initial inspection of mostly unmodernised flats and houses followed by subsequent re-inspections during the course of the refurbishment followed by a final inspection when the work is complete. You can always tell an ‘Eastbank’ job by the attention to detail, the style of finish, the quality of workmanship and so on.

Another matter which sets Eastbank, and Jason in particular, apart from other clients is that when, as is often the case, the developer and the valuer don’t quite see eye-to-eye on values, there is always a courteous but firm exchange of views and pressure is never put on the valuer.

Finally, although we generally do not collect fees directly from Eastbank, on the odd occasion when we have had to, these have been paid promptly and in full."
Eight Corporation Limited
"Eastbank are professional operators with a vast knowledge of budget properties in the East End of London, offering a full service from acquisition to disposal. Eastbank are well connected within the property industry and so were able to locate good value properties with upside potential, which was particularly useful in arranging for the properties to be rented out during the economic downturn. Eastbank remained professional and transparent throughout the engagement."
James McCarthy
Mint Partners
"Over the last 6 years that I have been investing, my Eastbank investments have outperformed all others – their deep knowledge of the residential short and medium term debt markets has exponentially improved our returns. The entire Eastbank team take care of everything enabling the investor to get on with their day-to-day activities whilst their property investments provide excellent returns."
Kye Wheatley
"We are delighted to report that we have had a successful relationship with Eastbank and Jason Arden for over fifteen years. This has involved acting as their sales and letting agent on many properties as well as sourcing new developments.

In all our dealings they have been totally straightforward and professional at all times."
Errol Baran
Private Investor
“I’ve worked with Jason and Eastbank for over 8 years now and in that time I have found them to be supportive, knowledgeable and comprehensive in the management of my property portfolio.

What differentiates Eastbank from so many other property investment businesses is the fact that their decision-making is not only set against a thorough understanding of the broader economic conditions, but exceptional knowledge of the UK housing landscape. A family-run business with a corporate approach”.
Private investor
As a property developer in central London it's not easy for me to actually invest in another developer. However, based on a personal friendship I began investing with EB around 6 years ago.

I found them to be highly skilled in every element necessary to run the deals we invested in. I know how difficult property development is and it's very rare for me to meet people who are able to deal with the myriad issues that each deal throws at you; with EB I found an able partner.

The main quality for me above all others is that I trust Jason, I have no doubt that he is a man of integrity. Markets go up and down and that's the nature of the investment game but thankfully his honesty has remained in the highest order and I have no doubt will continue to remain as such in the future.

It's been a very good experience working with Eastbank.
Nigel Hodge
Trade Manager
"I can confirm that Eastbank Studios have been a very good client of ours over the past 20 years and we have had nothing but a good relationship with them.

Michelle and the team have great communication with us and we have built a good relationship over the time and had no problem with their account over the duration held with us."
John Weatherall
Andrews & Robertson Auctioneers
"I have dealt with the Arden family for over 20 years.

They bid, they buy and they complete.

They are always scanning property auctions to add to their substantial residential portfolio.

Jason may be halfway around the world but he is always up and running to bid over the telephone.

And long may it continue."
Daniel Barbanel
Sales Director
Outlook Property
"We have worked with Eastbank for over twenty years.

During this time, we have sold and rented many of their properties and advised on their sensational refurbishment projects.

As a company they are en vogue with the latest trends for their restorations, this ensures they maximise the asset value when selling and due to experienced and top end contractors, purchasers have a beautiful completed home to move into without the worry of maintenance issues.

Simply put, there is no dawdling and we get honest and immediate communication from them as clients – this is rare in this current climate.

Jason, Michelle and team are a pleasure to deal with and we look forward to continue to align our company with theirs for future business."