Our main area of expertise is in acquiring, developing and restoring homes. It is something that we are not only experienced in, but are genuinely passionate about. We often come across homes in poor repair that are full of potential and the opportunity to breathe fresh life into an old property is incredibly appealing and rewarding.

The properties Eastbank typically invest in are individual homes that are well positioned in upwardly trending locations. They generally have great renovation potential and opportunities to add value throughout. Minor works are often considered to improve layout and functionality, for example, we may choose to open up dark or closed off areas, in favour of larger, multi-functional spaces.

Having a vision for exactly how a property should be modified and improved is something that comes as second nature to us. We appreciate the balance and detail required to modernise a property, whilst maximising space and adding value.

Our designers understand and share our vision to give homes a contemporary appeal, whilst retaining the soul and character a home deserves.

Our strategy for each development is unique and fluid, but we rely on our experience and contacts within the property market to remain well-informed and risk averse. Upon completion, we may choose to hold or sell a property but this will depend on our assessment of the immediate and foreseeable climate of the property market at the time.