probate partnerships

When losing a loved one, times can be strained and circumstances overwhelming. The stark reality of managing important assets so immediately can feel insensitive, especially if you are personally close to the deceased.

You may feel vulnerable or even a certain amount of pressure with the responsibility, as the executor, to make the right choices for the beneficiaries.

So how can Eastbank help? No matter how challenging this may be, it is important to try and remain pragmatic. A property is usually the estate’s single biggest asset and this is where Eastbank are experienced and qualified to assist in the next steps, presenting you with several (no fee) options that would be beneficial to explore.

We can offer you a valuation of your property as it stands, giving you a measure of today’s market price and with a quick turnaround. We would also accurately estimate a price that it could be worth, if we were able to refurbish the property prior to selling.

Eastbank can work alongside you in a number of ways that we are happy to discuss.

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