Key Personnel

Tony Arden

Founder & Chairman

Tony’s career began in 1960 with Chumbley & Co, a London Estate Agent, where he gained a thorough grounding in all aspects of the property business whilst building up the company’s management, development and auction departments. In 1965 he founded The Arden Estate Office, later to become Eastbank Studios, and his ventures into acquisition, refurbishment and sale of residential and commercial property in East London began in earnest. Under his bold guidance Eastbank’s activities have spread throughout London, making it a highly efficient, productive and dynamic organisation.
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Jason Arden


Jason began his career with Estate Agents firm Marsh and Parsons, where he would go on to head up the Commercial Agency Department. However, much like his father, Jason was destined to be an entrepreneur and in 1991 Eastbank Property Services Ltd was born. Using his industry contacts and keen property development and investment skills, he would successfully grow the business, which he negotiated the sale of some 7 years later.

At Eastbank Studios, Jason oversees investment in and realisation of assets, project management, planning and acquisition. Jason's strengths are in understanding and surmounting the failures and flaws of the job. He strives to continually perfect his strategy and surrounds himself with a first-class team of like-minded people who share his ethos to stay focused and deliver consistently. He believes that trusting his own judgement, as well as being acutely aware of the economic and political landscape, is what sets the baseline for everything that comes next.
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michelle goldstein

managing director

Michelle is a longstanding and pivotal member of the team. Her main role is to oversee Eastbank’s property development, investment and finance deals, along with managing and negotiating the complex challenges these areas present. In addition to several decades of experience, Michelle is abreast of exactly what’s happening in the industry. She has incredible property knowledge within London and is responsible for the analytical data and research reports we share with investors. Michelle is at the heart of the company. She works incredibly hard to continually and creatively deliver the Eastbank vision with a positive attitude that resonates amongst her team.
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lisa nairne


Our CFO Lisa - who began bookkeeping with us in 2005 – effortlessly coordinates an incredibly busy and well structured finance department. Her level-headed, methodical approach is exactly the right amount of balance for such a fast-paced and dynamic environment. The organisation of her department and their responsibiliites is critical to ensuring the smooth function of Eastbank’s daily business operations. Her role is challenging and diverse, but her ambition and drive for success keep her highly motivated and efficient.
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Jacqui Walker-daley

Senior Property Manager

Jacqui assists in the administration, marketing and maintenance of the Eastbank Sales and Lettings portfolio. In her varied role, no two days are the same and can cover everything from the preparation and sale of a property to the intricate and sometimes difficult administration surrounding new or existing tenancies. Jacqui is a well valued member of the team; she is determined and has great positive energy and passion for her role. Having grown with us since 2002, she is firmly part of the Eastbank furniture.
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Suzie Counsell

Head of Interior Design

Suzie has bags of design experience, along with the ability to turn a shell into a beautiful and highly desirable home – with no doubt that her work has an extremely positive effect on sales. Her sensitive use of light and soft colours utterly transforms our flats and houses and induces a pleasant and welcoming charm. Her designs leave plenty of scope and suggestion for further embellishment by the buyer.
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Steve King

Senior Building Manager

Steve has been been working with Eastbank for over 25 years to deliver beautifully finished homes. His role is to oversee the smooth implementation phase of any construction or renovation work, together with his team of highly skilled trades.

His longstanding relationship with Eastbank is testament to his reliability and excellent results. Steve understands the demanding and unpredictable challenges that construction brings and has a good eye for detail. We rely on Steve to bring our visions to life, whilst remaining on budget, which is where his experience and practical approach is invaluable.
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