Eastbank have a solid track record for identifying an ongoing stream of long and short-term opportunities that will maximise capital returns for its private and institutional investors. This consistency has enabled us to continue expanding our portfolio with conviction and at pace with outstanding results.

For several decades, Eastbank have been working amongst some of the most desirable London post-codes to acquire and develop flats, houses and occasionally land, for residential sale or lettings. We have a reputation for turning properties in need of modernisation into sympathetically designed, magnificent homes.

We work closely with our high-calibre contacts to approach opportunities with a finely tuned strategy. When it comes to probate sales, repossessions and sales where no third parties are concerned, we can act quickly and confidently from a strong negotiating position. Furthermore, we choose our assets carefully based on their suitability, according to some well-established guidelines around location, development potential and risk.

At Eastbank, we insist on proactively managing your assets and appointing the best partners and suppliers to see us through the entire investment cycle. We catalogue the journey of each asset, by documenting, reporting and sharing the progress with our investors. As hands-on developers, we also see value in having close control over our projects, thus mitigating external factors that could ordinarily affect timescales and margins.

We are ultimately driven by great results; we believe in long-term partnerships, with long-term outcomes. To further validate our operation, we welcome investors to scrutinise our accounts and talk to our partners at length.

long-term investments

Eastbank’s investment arm facilitates the purchase of below market value properties with a view to renovate, let and manage these as long-term investments. We successfully manage tenants with a 97% occupancy rate and aim for positive cash flow after mortgage and maintenance bills are paid, thus ensuring that capital appreciation from any increase in value is simply the cream on top. Our approach to our tenants is both respectful and professional and we take measures to ensure maintenance is provided swiftly and economically.

Investing in property on a long-term basis can offer excellent, stable yields that regularly outperform other asset classes. Long-term investments can be particularly appealing to those looking to support a personal fund or private pension plan – especially if you are looking to get the most consistent return from your property investment – but with a ‘hands off’ approach. As with all of our projects, we target areas that are well researched and benefiting from an uptick in growth or re-development, enabling us to leverage the maximum margin.

With interest rates remaining low and showing no signs of significant improvement any time soon, investors are inevitably looking for alternative solutions that can offer reliable and fruitful returns. Eastbank have various opportunities to join long-term schemes that offer recurrent, monthly returns. We have the ability and expertise to set up and manage a portfolio of properties on your behalf that can offer regular income, as well as the prospect of capital growth from your assets.

short-term investments

From time to time Eastbank will develop and sell, or ‘turn’ properties for short-term gain and we are able to work with investors on a project basis to facilitate this.

Our initial strategy for these is much the same as our other investments – whereby our acquisitions team will seek out unique property opportunities to develop – however, our short-term projects are commonly listed and sold immediately after the renovations phase has completed, or in some cases, even sooner.

Short-term investments often provide good returns with the benefit of instant gain. In these scenarios, Eastbank rely on an experienced and trusted network of architects, designers and builders to ensure that we add value and modern appeal to the property, whilst keeping to sensible timelines to maximise on profit.
Please remember that past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance, the performance of funds is not guaranteed and the value of your investments can go down as well as up, so you may get back less than you invest.
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