Eastbank HQ is based in Walthamstow, East London where our energetic team are hard at work to drive and deliver our perpetual strategy. Although each of us has a different skill or talent, we share a common goal and a similar work ethic for aiming high and achieving results.

The business was officially established in 1984, although it’s fair to say our property ventures were activated some 20 years prior, when founder Tony Arden began trading as The Arden Estate Office. This journey into property acquisitions and refurbishments, together with a good measure of experience, would later pave the way for a new family business; Eastbank.

We own our own considerable investment portfolio and are supported by a number of long and short-term, private and institutional investors. This has helped us in a steady annual upward trend, validating our ability to make the right decisions year-on-year. We accept investments from £5m and have managed funds upwards to the value of £35m. We promote a work hard, play hard attitude and we have the ability to back this up with consistent results.

As a solid team that comes from a long line of experienced names in the industry, we consider ourselves a quietly confident operation and one that is unparalleled with our market knowledge and know how. Our methods are reliable, level-headed and well considered – knowing what to buy, sell and keep – which enables us to execute upon opportunities tactfully and with confidence.

Furthermore, our partners and suppliers – solicitors, architects, surveyors, auctioneers, estate agents and builders – are an essential part of the Eastbank jigsaw. Not only is their knowledge and experience an invaluable advantage, our arrangements allow for the seamless and prompt turnaround of our projects with a full understanding of our high expectations.